Here's is the most current list of EUSERC Leadership & titles.
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Executive Board (EB) Officers:

Gilbert Aceves, EB Chairperson
Mike O'Meara, EB Vice-Chair
Tiffany Maycumber, EB Treasurer
Paul Kristensen, Secretary

Standing Committee:

Greg Fellin, Forms Chairperson (Web Admin), EUSERC Manual
Art Casillas, Material Chairperson, Inspection Reports

Freddy Hidalgo, Member-at-Large (needs profile set-up)


Eric Cardella, Section 100/200 Rules & Acceptability Pages Chairperson
Greg Yates, Section 300 Chairperson, Low Voltage Metering & Service Equipment
Steve Abeyta, Section 400 Chairperson, Medium Voltage Metering & Service Equipment
Roger Rodecap, Section 500 Chairperson, Alternative Generation (needs to set up profile)
Craig Greer, Section G Chairperson

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